Sunday, 7 March 2010

Natural Beauty

Naturally beautiful is a make up trend that rarely seems to be showcased on the catwalk. Models are used to sell the clothes, the brand and the lifestyle and are usually made up in the same monotonous tone to each another. 
However the key trend for the face for Winter 2010/2011 has taken influence from the effortlessly beautiful Balmain Woman. 
The "pared-down Parisian Balmain aesthetic" seems to have taken over, with designers who might normally favour colour make-up statements or theatrical hair, such as Marc Jacobs, Matthew Williamson and Prada, favouring a much more relaxed and low key take on beauty. 
It seemed on the catwalk that the reasoning behind the make up was to enhance what was already beautiful rather than changing it to seem fake and unnatural. 
Natural beauty is one trend that I feel should always be in trend, it reflects personality and individuality and this is something that can only be positive. When looking at the media, magazines are always quick to judge and point out the negativities however, if they were to stand back and realise the real aesthetic then i feel that the magazines that are sold would have very different content. This would then filter down into the consumers and I feel create a lot less pressure for the readers to look the way that the media wants the to.

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