Monday, 19 October 2009

The most amazing shop in the whole world am so excited its nearly over here.

new york

The whole vintage store trend is one that really stands out to the consumer the way in which the store layout and shop window conveys a relaxed and serene shopping area means that the consumer is always likely to love the store and tell all their friends about how fabulous a certain place is to shop. Someone once mentioned to me that for every good experience you have you will tell three people but for every bad experience you have you will tell ten and therefore this highlights to me the importance of giving customers an amazing experience. The images above are taken from stores in New York. Across the pond the shop windows and visuals are impressive they use lights, art and product in an innovative way that is fresh and modern and has such impact that certain stores for example Louis Vuitton can be daunting.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

My new world

This is my first blog!! I am really new to all this but I thought it was about time I started some productive work for my degree. For the past year I have been keeping a portfolio of my work and of interesting visuals that I am keen to share I just had to build it up so that I had enough to share with you. Overall, all of my work is to do with fashion marketing and branding and I appreciate any feedback.